Friday, November 4, 2011

Weigh In Friday – Week #4 (after another start)

Back at the end of March I tried to get on track again, but it apparently didn’t work out so well for me.  When I look back at the last weight-in in April and compare it to what I weighed at the beginning of October, I saw that in six months I had gained right over 20 lbs.  That is all kinds of crazy!  I know it is time to do something about that.  If I don’t do it now, I will just keep gaining weight, and I really don’t want that for myself.

Starting weight: Oct 7 – 178.6
Oct 14 – 176.8 (-1.8 lbs)
Oct 21 – 174.4 (-2.4 lbs)
Oct 28 – 173.4 (-1 lb)

Pounds lost in Oct:  -5.2 lbs

From Oct 4th through the 31st I managed to make friends with the Exercise Bike and the Treadmill once again.  I totaled 130.5 miles, mostly on the bike, but they still mean calories burned.  All in all it wasn’t a bad month for me.

At the end of last week I ordered an AC adaptor for the Elliptical, named Hank.  I either packed his original cord away in the garage sale stuff (that is still in my storage building) or threw it out.  The new cord cost me $28, but it means that I can work out at home again (bike and treadmill are at my mom’s) so I really have no excuse at all for not doing it.  For some reason Hank is much harder for me to do than the other two pieces of exercise equipment.

And now, here it is the first Friday of November and time for another weigh in.

Last week’s weight:  173.4 lbs

This week’s weight:  175 lbs

Loss/Gain: +1.6

Right now I’m chalking this up to being a woman, not drinking enough water and craving salty.  We will see how I do next week.

I do keep track of the miles I do each day so I will go ahead and share the totals here as well.  Saturday’s was included in the October total but I will go ahead and track it in this week as well, since my “weeks” go from Friday to Thursday.

Exercise Bike:  12 miles
Treadmill:  3 miles
Elliptical:  3.5 miles

Total miles for the week:  18.5
Total miles since 10/4:  141.5

18.5 is better than last week’s small number of 13 miles, but still not as good as the week that I did a total of 59 miles.

While I am working on eating less, I am not doing strict calories counting at the moment.  I might go back to that, but I haven’t figured out how to make it work right now.  I have worked on eliminating fast food from my diet so that has helped.

This weekend I will make a meal plan, go to the store, and then do food prep for next week.  Now to figure out what I want to eat next week…

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