Friday, March 18, 2011

Fast food, again, sigh!

Have you ever noticed how easily bad habits slip back into place and how long it seems to change bad habits into good ones?  Today, once again I’ve had that one step forward, two steps back felling.  Actually I’ve been feeling that since the beginning of the week. 

Even after I typed all that out last night I turned around today and had fast food for lunch, and this time I didn’t made a healthy choice like the salad yesterday.  My lunch today, when added up, was about a 3/4ths the amount of calories I should have eaten for the whole day!  I could have gotten just the slice turkey sandwich and had about 400 calories, but no I had the stupid extras.  Crap, crap, crap!

No matter how healthy I eat tonight I’ll be over my daily calorie allotment, period.  I’m seriously trying to do that pep talk thing right now.  But I’m just having trouble with the “It’s okay, you’ll do better next time” because I should have done better today.  I have to start doing better now and not next time, because next time won’t happen.

Maybe now that I’ve said all that and put it on paper I can push it out of my mind and just pick up and move on from here.  Even though I ate a crappy calorie packed lunch today, I am not going to let that give me permission to eat bad tonight.  I will eat a healthy dinner.

This weekend when I make my next menu plan I need to make sure I plan things for lunch that actually sound good and that I will eat.  I’ve had ham and cheese sandwich on there for weeks, but haven’t eaten one yet.  Maybe I should reconsider having it there.

Last year when I was eating healthy I had a lot of the frozen meals for lunch, but I got tired of them taking up freezer space as well as not really being enough calories.  I love that they have low cal meals out there, but I wish they would consider that most people need more than 260 calories for lunch.  I do realize that you can pair it with a salad, but I tend to like the higher calorie additions to my salads.

I can make my own ‘healthy’ lunches that I can heat up at work.  I just have to do a little prep work the night before.  It really wouldn’t be much different than what I do at dinner, except I’d have to precook some veggies and mix a few things together.

Let the planning and prepping begin, because honestly next week needs to be an opposite of this week.  Instead of one meal from home and four fast food ones it needs to be one fast food (if that) and the rest of the meals from home. 

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