Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I’m a BOGO sucker!

I use to get so excited when I’d see a BOGO sale at Payless.  Who doesn’t love a buy one get one half off sale, especially when it comes to shoes?  Of course I went in there a couple times only to find they had no cute shoes in my small size so that helped me stay out of there for a little while.

Yesterday I gave in and stopped at Payless and oh did they have a cute shoe, in my size!  They actually had two cute shoes, but one of them was a smidgeon too tight so I put it back.  Good girl, right?

Did you know though, that when Payless is having a BOGO that it includes everything in the store, not just the shoes?  You can buy a pair of shoes and a purse and get the cheaper of the two half off.

Instead of buying just the shoes I was suckered in and spent an additional $4 on a $8 pair of earrings.  Yeah I know, I could have just saved the $4 and not bought that second additional idea.  That would have been the smart thing, well the second smart thing.  The real smart thing would have been to avoid going into the store at all.

All of this after telling my self that I really need to stop spending and start looking towards saving money.  Yeah I know I have no self control.  Grrr to me!

To top off the whole shoe buying episode, guess who had pizza for dinner last night as well as fast food for lunch again?  And who didn’t do anything on her to do list or daily checklist?  I can blame the pizza on my parents who know I never buy it for myself and invite me over when they get it.  Since I was there, I ended up watching some TV, which I can’t do at my house in over two months. 

Tonight’s to do list will just be a repeat of yesterday’s list.  I also need make some time to write about the de-cluttering I did two weekends ago, and maybe actually do some more, so when the end of the month comes around I have something to share.  March hasn’t felt very productive to me so far.  I still have 15 days to change that around.  I better get after it!

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