Friday, March 4, 2011

Is The Bathroom Next?

I’m not even done with the dining room, and yet my mind is wondering on to the next room.  Of course I am stuck in the dining room until someone gets time to come do some electrical work for me.  And since that same someone has been also working on transforming a free chandelier for me I am not going to complain, much.  Okay so I’m not complaining out loud at least.  I wish I wasn’t waiting again, but I just keep telling myself it will happen.  It will happen.

The other evening when I got off of work I had a box sitting by my front door.  Don’t you just love coming home to a box to open?  Even when you know what is in the box it is a lot like opening a Christmas present.  Inside the box were two of the three items I order for the bathroom redo.  The above picture is a sneak peak at my new shower curtain.  I love it! 

I’m going with more of a girly girl look in there.  I guess since my bedroom is very bold with the red, I decided to go soft and feminine in the bathroom.  I’m also working on ideas to add in a little bling bling.  Because what girl doesn’t need a little bling in her bathroom?

I was originally going to paint the wall pink when I got the idea to go girly.  I’ve since changed my mind on that, mostly because I want to leave myself a way out, to be able to change up the bathroom in the future with out having to repaint it.  Right now the color options are a light shade of gray or maybe a cream.

With the new shower curtain I did buy the matching soap dish and tooth brush holder, but that was it.  While I liked some of the other accessories I decided they weren’t worth the cost.  I also didn’t buy a set of the matching towels, because I am tired of wasting money on something that just sits there and looks pretty. I’m trying to get away from everything being so matchy matchy, which will make it easier and cheaper when to decided to replace the shower curtain or change the bathroom up down the line. 

I feel like my shopping list of things to look out for keeps growing on me.  I still need something for the shelves in the yellow room, for the walls in the dining room and now for something to decorate the bathroom with.  I’m working on ideas for the red bedroom but I think I am going to try to repurpose a few things to try out there first.

I know in time each of the rooms will come together.  I’m just hoping that time comes sooner rather than later.


  1. Don't do gray in the bathroom. I made that mistake and I hate it. I'd go with the cream. Or maybe a peach.

  2. I don't want peach, that's too close to the pink and wouldn't be as easily to change out later.

    I'm still debating. I've found some light/soft shades of gray that I think might work. Since it's small, if I hate it, I can always repaint with out it costing too much.