Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Plan - March 14

A plan, a plan, boy do I need a plan!  Not only do I need a plan but I also need to stick with it.  And really it isn’t just a food plan that I need, I just need a whole life plan.  But we will start with this, once again and see what happens.

I’ve been craving roast for a couple of weeks now, but I keep putting off buying one.  Mostly because I know I would have to freeze a big portion of it, and I have enough, more than enough, food in my freezer.  Last week my goal was to eat out of the freezer and try to help make some room.  Somehow it doesn’t seem that I made a lot of space.  Maybe I will this time.

B:  Boiled egg (70), Bagel thin (110) with cream cheese (60) and strawberries (??) plus coffee with creamer (35) (=325?)
L:  Tuna salad with crackers and grapes
D:  Italian Chicken breast** with broccoli/carrots and strawberry spinach salad

B:  Breakfast Burrito* (180ish), yogurt (80), and a plum (35ish), plus coffee with creamer (35) (=330)
L:  Taco salad with Turkey meat* and black beans*
D:  Salisbury steak* with mashed potatoes* and green beans

B:  Bagel Thin with ham and cheese (250) and orange slices (50ish), plus coffee with creamer (35) (=335)
L:  Spaghetti* with turkey meat* sauce*, broccoli and carrots
D:  Mushroom, bell pepper, onion* and spinach Omelet with toast

B:  Bagel Thin with cream cheese (170), yogurt (80), and grapes (55), plus coffee with creamer (35) (=340)
L: Ham and cheese sandwich (230), Pringles (100) and a plum (35ish) (=365)
D:  Raviolis* with spinach cream sauce* with broccoli and strawberry spinach salad

B:  Toast with honey (150), yogurt (80), and orange slices (50ish), plus coffee with creamer (35) (=315)
L:  Leaving Open
D:  BBQ Ground Turkey meat* with tator tots*, and sautéed cabbage

*  In the freezer, cooked
**In the freezer, not cooked

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