Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A February De-Cluttering Recap…

The beginning of February was a busy De-Cluttering time for me.

Because I wanted to paint the dining room I first had to clean it out.  Basicly while doing the big floor switch out my dining room became storage for everything from both bedrooms, some kitchen stuff and a lot of odds and ends that had collected in various plastic containers that it was time for me to deal with. 

Next up I tackled the hall closet as well as the shelves in the bathroom.  While cleaning may not have been everyone’s first choice of spending a snow day I was excited about what I accomplished.  I did get rid of some finger nail polishes (some not even covering it) as well as lotions and body washes that I just never use. 

After being tired of having hard things falling out of the freezer on my feet, not to mention having to do the quick open, shove and close before anything else could fall out I decided to work on the freezer.  Even though I threw out everything out of date and freezer burnt I still have a freezer that is pretty full.  I used containers to help be able to find things much easier.  Oh how I wish  my freezer had just one more shelf in it.

Of course after the freezer was more manageable, I decided the fridge needed to match it.  I cleaned it out, including pulling the shelves/drawers out and washing them.  I also introduced some containers into the fridge, so far so good there.

The last de-cluttering I did this month was on four of my kitchen cabinets.  Two cabinets got switched around, and all of them went through some scrutiny on what I really needed in them.  I did stick some more things in a ‘to go’ box when I was done.

At this point I kind of wished I’d kept track of how many items left the house, even if it was just counting boxes.  But at the time, my goal was to just get things out of the house.  The ‘to go’ pile as very large though, and when it did leave the house, I could feel the difference. Which is the point of de-cluttering, right?  For doing all of that the first half of the month, I think I did rather well. 

I'm linking this up over at A Slob Comes Clean for her February Decluttering Update.  Hop on over there and link your own decluttering experinces or read others and maybe get motivated to do some during March. 


  1. Wow! You did a lot last month!

    I'm starting to have that must-clean-fridge-it's-so-incredibly-disgusting urge.

  2. Thank you Nony! It did feel like a lot! It is nice to have less things in my house. Now to just finish up the other rooms and work on keeping the clutter contained into homes.

  3. I did my fridge today, blech. The plus side is I found 2 missing forks!

    good job!:)

  4. Always nice to find missing things! And it is nice being able to easily find things.

    Am I the only one that leaves bottles in the fridge of a salad dressing I don't really use, even though it is close to it's use by date?

  5. The kitchen sets the tone- sounds great!

  6. Well done you - that was a lot for such a short month! I did the freezer and fridge in January with the 21-day challenge at "a bowl full of lemons" - sounds like you would enjoy her weekly challenges (posted on Sunday).


  7. S, having a clean kitchen does help make the house feel so much better.

    G, I read through the 21-Day Challenge and I've seen her weekly challenges. I visit her blog daily actually. The only problem is that my house is in such chaos still from the floor redo, I'm limited on what I can really do.

    I currenly have a dresser and a coffee table in my kitchen and haven't even been able to use my living room since the first of Jan.

    Thank you both for the comments. It is great to feel that since of accomplishment finishing things has given me. Now my hope is to get my house pieced back together in the next few months. :)