Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily/Weekly Routine - Adding On

Somehow even though I kept up with the weekly tasks I set for myself it wasn’t until last night that I had realized that I didn’t pick out any new ones to start on this week.  I had some ideas of what I wanted to add in, but I didn’t sit down and actually list them out, so they slipped my mind.

I debated if I wanted to start them mid week, or if I wanted to put it off until next week.  While I’d love to put them off until next week, I’m thinking this would be a good time to work on the not procrastinating thing.

Daily Goals:
Make the bed every morning
Keep the bathroom sink cleaned off
Stay on top of the dishes
Dry and put up clean dishes *new*
Clean off the cabinets and bar top nightly *new*
Prep breakfast the night before *new*
Take vitamins and fish oil pills *new*

Weekly Goals:
Make a Menu Plan and try to follow it
Sweep the floor 2-3 times
Dump small trash cans once a week *new*
Take trash straight to the dumpster when it is ready to go out *new*

Additional things I would like to work on this week:
Priming the Dining Room
Typing up the freezer list

I am off to make me a spreadsheet check list, so I can keep track of them.  Maybe checking them off will help me remember to do them. 

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