Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day Tasks 1 & 4 Pictures...

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, well here we go...

Because of the postion of the closet I can't get a good full on, full shot.  So I broke it up into top and bottom.  The big white part on the top shelf is from the bottom.  I guess that was the out of the way place when they were doing the floors.  The stuff from that shelf and the bottom shelf were under the kitchen bar so they had already been sorted through.

This is everything that came out of the closet, minus the towels.

It doesn't matter how great free samples sound,
they really start to add up and take up space. 
But yes I kept them, since they are travel size I can use them for trips.

This is what we had after I dealt with the items from the two pictures above. 
How nice does that look!!   And look, there is empty space.

Then I remembered that this was still in the living room.  It came out of the bathroom.

And this was currently in the bathroom.  This is actually the "um, yeah I gotta move that shelf and need to clean it and the floor off where can I still it all' container.

I also looked around the rest of the bathroom and freaked out when I saw all the bottles of stuff in the shower as well as the stuff on the bathroom sink.  Because I knew I had to do something with them too.

And then I got to work!  This is the shelf once put back in the bathroom.

I did reduce the amount of bottles in the shower as well as cleaned out under the the bathroom sink.  I used the extra space there to put the over flow of shower gels from the shower.

The hallway closet, finished.  For now at least. 
I'd like to clean it out a little more, especially those bottom shelves,
but I think it looks worlds better.  Plus I can find things with out digging around.

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