Saturday, February 12, 2011

Homemade Raviolis

Weekend Cooking Adventures

Let me first say thank you to K&R+X’s for the warm welcome and comment on my first Menu Plan link up at  I had visited Kate’s blog and she was kind enough to share with me a recipe for making homemade noodles.  I thought they sounded good, and had decided to give them a try. 

The homemade pasta/ravioli tutorial she shared with me was great.

My nephew was planning on spending the night with me this weekend and he had already requested some raviolis with ‘red and white’ sauce, so when I saw the tutorial, I thought why not.  I knew it could be a challenge trying something totally new while having a helper, but I figured we would work it out.  I printed out the tutorials and made him sit down and read it before we even got started.  That helped, since he had a heads up on what we were doing.

The only issue we had was the actual mixing of the dough, it just wasn’t coming together, but I went ahead and added the water and oil and after some kneading it looked better. 

What I learned:

The kiddo is really good at putting the dough through the pasta roller.

I started filling and making the raviolis as he was thinning out the dough, which saved us time.  I think if I was to do this in the future alone, I would thin one ball, then just go ahead and fill that strip of them.  We tried stacking the strips, but then they were sticking to each other.

I used a heart cookie cutter this time, since it was almost Valentine’s Day (also an idea from the above site).  Next time I will do rounds or squares because I think I could get more out of them.  Of course I could have probably gotten the hearts closer, but with the odd shape I had issues.  We tried to reuse dough, but since it had extra flour on it (to keep it from sticking) it didn’t work as well.

Put the water on to boil when you finish the raviolis at the beginning of the 30-60 min wait time, not after it.  Why does water seems to take forever to boil when you are the most hungry?

Don’t forget that because there is a 20ish min wait after making the dough and the 30-60 min wait after making the raviolis that you want to start way earlier than you think you need too.  I wasn’t worried about time because it was just me and him eating, but it ended up taking us about 2.5 hours from when we first pulled out the flour to when we got to sit down and eat dinner.

We will definitely make these again, playing with fillings and sauces, though both recipes were very good!

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