Monday, February 21, 2011

The Dining Room: Work in Progress

My main focus this weekend was painting the Dining Room.  Only problem was that while I was focused on that room, I totally let my daily items I had been working on slide.  I’m not going to let it get to me though, since I know I’ll get back on track.

Not to mention that this weekend I did:

  1. Worked once again on priming the paneling.  Was running out of primer so I did the top two thirds of the room. (Friday)

  1. Went to the paint store to buy more primer, went to the lumber store to pick out chair railing, and went to get my brother’s breakfast (Saturday)

  1. Started from the beginning on priming the wall my brother had to replace the paneling on. (Saturday.)  I also primed the bottom half of the room.

  1. Cut in and painted the two coats of my top color. (Saturday)

  1. Marked and taped off where the chair railing would be going.  Taped off the baseboard. (Sunday)

  1. Painted two coats of white on the chair railing molding. (Sunday)

  1. Painted two coats of primer and a coat of white on the trim for the door way. (Sunday)

  1. Painted two coat of white on the crown molding.  (Sunday)

  1. Cut in and painted the two coats of my bottom color. (Sunday)

  1. Spent at least 45 minutes cussing while trying to remove the tape from the baseboards.  Ended up having to go around with a knife before I could pull the tape and still had to make a dozen repairs. (Sunday night at about 12:30 am)

  1. I also washed my sheets and blankets and was putting them back on the bed at so I could fall into bed and get some sleep.

The paint dried at a snail’s pace this weekend, and I think that was part of the issue with the baseboard tape, since the tape I put down for the crown molding worked perfect.  Oh and the top section of the bottom coat that I taped off, that would be hidden under the chair railing?  It came off perfectly.  Go figure!

For some reason in my head I keep thinking that I only have a few things to do and the room will be done.  When I start laying it all out though, those few things seem to really add up.

  1. Paint the trim and baseboards.

  1. Put a quick coat of paint on the chair railing after my brother installs it for me.  Hoping he caulks it too.

  1. Decide which color I am painting the ledge between the kitchen and dining room.

  1. Pull up the cardboard and tape from the floor.

  1. Sweep the floor.

  1. Beg the guys to move the furniture into the room for me.

  1. Decide how many leafs I want to put in the table and where I will store them if I don’t.

  1. Put the dishes in the china cabinet and decide what will go in the curio.

  1. Hang the mirror.

  1. Wait for Momma to sew the curtains and valance.  Then recover the chair cushions.

  1. Figure out what decorations will be going in the room.  Guess it is time to start looking for ideas there.

I’ll be totally happy if I can get 1-9 of those done by this time next week.  Nine and ten will come in time, and I’m okay with that.

I also need to make my menu plan, decide if I am going to the grocery store this week, catch up on dishes plus other daily/weekly items, and wash clothes.

Right now the list seems never ending...

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