Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Sunday, in a nut shell.

I spent a good portion of the day in the kitchen with kiddo.  We made breakfast together, him working on the pancakes all by himself and me working on the bacon and apples to go with them.  We also made lunch.  I think I’m going to call it La Spaghetti.  Me and kiddo both thought it was a success and now I have to figure out how to write out a recipe for him, when I did some of that a little of this and a little of that cooking.

I instructed kiddo on how to make cake balls. 

I think he enjoyed making them and he did a great job!

With us in and out of the kitchen so much I made it a point to keep up with doing the dishes.  This is one area that is always hard for me, because I usually just put them off until the sink is full and they are piled up on the counter beside it, then I have to spend a ton of time washing dishes to catch up.  I’m working on that though, or at least I tired to today.

I washed two sets of sheets, three blankets, a load of towels, a load of socks and unmentionables, and finished it off with a load of clothes.  Everything but the clothes have been either returned to beds or folded and put up.  The clothes are hanging in the bathroom drying for now.  I also cleaned out a clothes basket, giving a few items homes, returning some to their hours, and parting with others.

I talked kiddo into carrying all the trash over to the dumpster for me.  Then we carried out the boxes to the storage room.  I had that moment of ‘oh man this is a lot of wasted stuff/money’ seeing how much is actually in that building.  I felt better though, when I came back into the house and saw more of the floor and free space not having that stuff in the house gives me.  I’ve felt lighter the last few days and less freaked out when I look around.

The only other task I really managed to do today, was clean all the glass vases and candle holders off the bar top.  They are now tucked in the ’cake room.’  I did sort through them Friday, and I did put a box full in the to go pile.  I don’t know if I will keep all of what I saved out or not.  My plan is to hold on to them until I get the house set up and decorated, then see what is left and what I am willing to part with then.  Some more of those baby steps.

I have two things left on my I really should handle that today list.  Freezer/fridge list and menu plan.   I’m stalling, I know it.  Other wise I would have handled them before I even booted up the computer.  But I didn’t.

I think part of it is while I have read great things about menu plans and how they make things so much easier, I just have the hardest time sitting down and figuring out what it is I want to eat in three, five or seven days from now.  It doesn’t help that I’ll make a plan, then life happens and I get off track and two days into the menu plan and I haven’t even managed to eat one thing on it. Since I’m tired of spending money on food that I end up throwing out because it goes bad, I know this is just going to have to be another issue I work on, and really try to stick to it or adjust with out quitting. 

Of course most people usually do the menu plan thing before going to the store, but I was putting it off then too.  Now that the freezer is cleaned out, I have a better idea what is in there, and honestly it is plenty for me to eat on if I plan it out and make sure I take things out to thaw when I need to.

Okay, okay I know.  Instead of sitting here, in the kitchen mind you, typing about it, I just need to get up and do it. 

Okay, okay.  I am…

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