Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Weekend Recap

Well another weekend has come and gone.  Oh how I wish I could brag about all these wonderful things I had gotten done, but my weekend hasn’t gone as planned at all.  Not always a bad thing, though it can be a little frustrating.

I am taking a step back and remind myself that while I may not have crossed off everything from my weekend goals list, I still got some things done and I did a couple things for myself. 

Friday Night:
- I did get my menu plan for next week done on Friday night.  I‘ll need to tweak it a little to add in some leftovers.

- I did make out my grocery list.

- I did go to Walmart, and managed to get everything on my list this time, plus I bought me some tulips (pictured above).

- I did clean out the fridge, really cleaned out the fridge.  As in pulled out all the shelves, washed them, and threw out bottles of stuff that were out of date, cleaned out the fridge.

- I did spend time in the kitchen with the nephew making yummy homemade raviolis.  And we kept up with the dishes as we worked.

- I did wash, dry and fold a load of towels, as well as washed and dried a load of clothes, though I still need to hang them up.

- I did remove everything from three and a half cabinets in the kitchen, then rearranged/organized them.  I also added a few more things to the garage sale pile.

- I did take some time out to pamper myself by painting my toe nails.

- I did go on a date.

Even though I didn’t do anything on my big project of getting the dining room ready to paint, I did accomplish some little projects that I had on my to my list.  I’m calling this weekend another success, maybe a minor one, but a success none the less.

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