Monday, February 28, 2011

Meal Plan – Feb 28

I decided to treat myself again with some flowers this week. 

Meal Plan – Feb 28

B:  Bagel Thin with cream cheese (170), a cheese stick (80) and grapes (55), plus coffee with creamer (35) (=340)
L:  Tuna salad with crackers and orange slices
D:  Beef and Gravy*, with mashed potatoes and broccoli/cauliflower

B:  Boiled egg (70) Toast (90) with honey (60), grapes (55), plus coffee with creamer (35) (=310)
L:  Ham and cheese sandwich (230), pringles (100), and a plum (35) (=365)
D:  Omelet with toast.

B:  Peanut butter (90) and banana (100ish) sandwich (45), with homemade apple sauce (85), plus coffee with creamer (35) (=355).
L:  Cabbage & Turkey soup*
D:  Cheese stuffed shells** with sauce, sautéed cabbage and cucumber/tomato/avocado salad

B:  Bagel Thin (110) with ham (60) and cheese (80) and orange slices (50), plus coffee with creamer (35) (=335).
L:  Bacon ranch chicken* salad
D:  Taco chicken breasts** with corn/tomato/avocado salad and carrots

B:  Breakfast burrito* (180ish) with yogurt (80), with plum (35ish), plus coffee with creamer (35) (=330).
L:  Leaving open for now.
D:  Turkey meatloaf* with mashed potatoes* and broccoli/cauliflower

*   In the freezer, cooked
** In the freezer, needs cooking

The numbers in ( ) are my calories counts.  Because of my calorie needs for the size I want to be at I try to keep my meals between 300-400 calories. 

I started with breakfast because those are the ones I can figure the easiest.  From this point forward my plan is to start a calorie tally as I am making things to put in the freezer.  It takes a little work, but in the end it is worth it for me.

Check out my tips on prepping veggies for healthy/single girl cooking!  If you are cooking for a family, still check it out, you might pick up a tip as well.

And don’t forget to check out for other great meal plan ideas.

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