Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu Plan - Feb 14

I didn’t quite master the whole ‘bring my lunch to work’ thing last week.  There was only one day that I did not eat fast food.  I probably won’t do that good with it this week either, but I went ahead and listed out some things, that way if I do talk myself into doing it, I have a game plan ready to go.

Linking up to again this week.  If you need meal idea of what to share your own, check it out!

Breakfast burrito with yogurt
Bagel Thin with cream cheese, cheese stick and apricots
Bagel Thin with honey/peanut butter and grapes
Toast with yogurt and cheese stick
Bagel Thin with ham and cheese
Cereal or Oatmeal with apple sauce*

Tuna salad with crackers and grapes
Left over Homemade Raviolis with salad
Turkey Sausage Sandwich with grapes
Ranch Chicken Salad or wrap

Salisbury Steak with mac & cheese,* leftover veggies plus spinach & strawberry salad 
Turkey Meatloaf* with mashed potatoes* and zucchini
Cabbage & Turkey soup*
Beef & Gravy* with rice* and broccoli and cauliflower
Tilapia** with squash casserole** and cucumber and tomato salad
Omelet with mushrooms/onion/bell pepper* plus spinach with toast and gapes

*   In the freezer, cooked
** In the freezer, needs cooking

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