Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Single Girl Cooking Tips - The Freezer

I love cooking!  Always have, and when I first learned to cook it was for 5-6 people.  Not a big deal, until you move out and cook for one.  This also isn’t that huge of a deal except it usually costs more to buy smaller packages of foods and even when you suck it up and buy the 1lb thing of meat, you still have four or more servings of food to deal with.  Over the last few years I’ve figured out a few things that help me with that, and I decided to share some of those things.

Single girl cooking tip #1:  The freezer is your friend!   
There are many things that freezer well which means you don’t have to eat the same food for 4-5 days.  The key is how you package them.  Instead of throwing a whole big bowl of soup in the freezer break it up in to actual portion sizes.

Single girl cooking tip #2:  Plastic bags are your friends as well.
You can also use plastic containers.  I prefer plastic bags because they seem to take up less room in the freezer.  Plus I have had several plastic bowls fall out of the freezer and break really easy.

Single girl cooking tip #3:  Things can be used different ways to give you different-ish meals.

When we finished making the Homemade Raviolis I had left over mushroom and cheese filling.  Instead of making more ravioli dough I decided to cook some jumbo shell pastas I have had.  I added some spinach to the mushroom/cheese then filled the shells.  I bagged them in ‘single girl’ portions, then put all of those in a freezer plastic bag that was labeled.

I had some of the Spinach Cheese Cream Sauce left over so I froze it.  I’m not sure yet how it will reheat, but sometime you have to do trial and error.  I also have spaghetti sauce bagged up in the freezer that I can use on top of the shells as well.

When I am ready to cook the shells I will put them in a small oven proof bowl, top with sauce and bake until hot and bubbly.

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