Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu Plan - Feb 7-14

I'm going to try my first link up to Menu Plan Mondays over at

Let's see how this goes...

Menu Plan - Feb 7-14
I’m sitting here with a list three scribbled pages long of a basic idea what is in the fridge and freezer and yet I’m still not totally sure where to start.  Please tell me this will get easier?  For sanity sake I am not even considering calories this week.  I know I have to get back to counting those pesky things so I can lose weight again.  Just not this week.  This week I am going to focus on eating three meals a day and trying to have as many of those as I can cooked by me.

Boiled egg, toast and yogurt
Ham & Cheese Bagel with fruit
Pancakes with bacon and a cheese stick
Bagel thin with peanut butter/honey and fruit
Toast, yogurt with fruit and cheese stick

Tuna salad with crackers and fruit
Meatloaf sandwich with veggie/fruit
Ham & Cheese with Pringles
Ranch Chicken salad or wrap

Turkey Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and broccoli
Left over Spaghetti and veggies
Taco Chicken with mushrooms, onions and bell pepper plus cucumber and tomato salad.
Turkey Sausage with bell peppers and onions, plus zucchini
Beef and gravy (from freezer) with mashed potatoes and cauliflower

I only did Monday through Friday, because I’m pretty sure Saturday will be a crazy day for me.  I’m not sure what my game plan will be on that day yet, so I’ll leave it for later in the week to figure out. 

I also only did four lunches because I know that I will end up eating fast food at least one day.  In reality it may be more than one day, but I’m going to try to stick to just one.


  1. Congrats on the menu plan! You have vegetables with your dinners! I often look at my menu and realize I pretty much just plan a main course with veggies as an afterthought, probably not the healthy way to do it. Welcome to Menu plan Monday!

  2. Thank you Kate, on both the welcome and the comment.

    I think the main reason I listed my veggies was so that I would remember what is in there and what needs to be eaten up. I've gotten caught up on going with that sounds good at the moment, that I've forgotten about left over or older veggies that are in there, until I go to clean out the fridge.

    I'm also bad about going and buying a whole bunch of veggies with out any plans on what to do with them. Usually after I have had a lot of fast food.